April 15, 2021

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Max your construction business with the right productivity tools!

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Meet Max! He has opened his own construction company. He’s just secure a few construction projects. But Max’s workers are finding it hard to complete the projects efficiently because they use traditional construction methods. The pace of construction is slow. And Max is facing the pressure to meet delivery deadlines. With instructions not conveyed clearly across the construction value chain, more time is also wasted rectifying construction errors. Max is running out of time. At times like these, what Max needs is the key to “Improve Products and Processes”. Through a Design for Manufacturing and Assembly approach that maximises productivity, by designing buildings for manufacturing off site and assembly on site.

As well as adopting new construction technologies, like the Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction. That way, Max can build faster with less manpower, noise and dust. And at the same time, improve site safety and quality control. And another key to “Partner Others” by investing in software that improves collaboration across construction value chain. Through Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, where key leads of a construction project will have oversight of each construction process. Providing greater clarity and identifying potential bottlenecks. Max can also unlock the training that his workers require, using the “Develop People” key. Equipping them with the necessary skill sets to do their jobs efficiently. So Max can focus on delivering quality buildings, on time. And in the long term, scale his business to greater heights… Like for Max, we are here to support you. For consultation on how to improve your business productivity, contact us today!.

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