October 25, 2021

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Expensive roofing tool? Step flashing cleaning tool

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You can definitely kill with it the most dangerous tool I’ve ever seen in my life intro music so you’re the inventor what’s the name of it. its the clawverine. okay what does it do if the step flashing cleaner downside adorn the walls on residential single group okay all right a lot faster than your traditional way of doing it it doesn’t damage the step flashing were deciding whether it’s vinyl aluminum a board and batten and even with powerful mystical so what you do is you use the spoke Gator head find the nail and go underneath the shingle lift it up a little bit and then you come back on top your single get it under there and you’ll know that you hit the nail so there’s a little cutout in here right left the AFM so the nail will fit and drop a mean oh you got it dip it up a bit at that point and let’s turn the nail with the extractor head sideways this is the wall as you’re going down and flip it in one recent sighting hook that nail and then pull it up sideways you’re using 50% pressure along the wall we close the step backing in place the other 50% pull the nail out sideways and the flat surface on here is really key smooth enough so that it doesn’t step laughing in there love it.

Traditionally your we used to do it is we have offices of step flashing on the wall you’d want to take down your hammer keep getting it but you have a chance of cutting the step flashing so they’ve got the step back we’ve got wind driving rain coming in sure you’re going to get a leak right talk about $76 right use this just one its paid for its self. cause you don’t get that free clocks all annoying but how did you come up with this idea. well I have been doing roofing for 36 years and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work so cleaning walls. Im a shingler that’s where I make my money right but I couldn’t trust my labors to do it because half the time when I get to the wall to start shingling I had to stop get the tools and clean the wall property because they couldn’t do it so I thought to myself without any wait up I just like reach inside and pull that nail out.

Then the light bulb went off really the ones that are out there the pipe art they don’t fit up this height right normally they’re both that high and when you try and pull a nail out you’re always left with it a quarter-inch stuck in the plywood when this will take it right out so like an inch and a half roofing nail right this is very sharp as well which a lot of guys really like that is positive feedback because you can get underneath the nail head without having to hit it with a hammer also the old roofing pry bars would have that hook on the end there they’re designed for prying spikes and nails though not for removing and cleaning roof nails from the side of the wall and has absolutely no way to stay in your pouch so now these are here they are always with you right I don’t know 30 secure that’s actually true because pry bars you never can put a exactly all secure the roof and I’ve got so many of the more intimidating exactly stalls on your side right now it’s like a hammer and you don’t on the roof anymore.


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