October 21, 2021

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🏠 5 TOP DIY Home Renovation projects that will make you MONEY!

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Huge home renovation savings! (upbeat music) – Hi! I’m the Youtube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m Intern Casey. – Intern Casey! – Woo! – I think you’re doing really great so far. – Oh yeah, I’m so happy to be here. – We plan to keep her at least another week, based on your amazing feedback. The one thing that I’m very excited for today, which is a little bit different, we’re not doing our typical giveaway, we are still collecting entries for iPads, and free Apple Watch, and all those other things. This is a follow-up to a piece that I did for USA Today on home renovations. The renovations that you could do that yield the most return or the highest percentage return. Casey, who’s handy in your home? – My mom’s pretty handy. Actually, we did a project a couple years ago, where we put our own floorboard in our basement, for our floor. It was so hard, but it looks really good, so it was worth it. – I love that your mom is handy, I love handy women.

– Oh, she so is. – Sounded wrong, but I love women that are good with renovations. My wife was as well. At the end of this video, we’re actually gonna show you the before and after on our condo, for those of you that wanna see where we live. We’ve done a couple of videos shot in the condo, but this will hopefully be more interesting. But before we get to that point, I wanna show you right now the projects that you can tackle, while there’s still time, that will bring the best return on your investment. Updating your kitchen can increase the overall value of your home by as much as 20%! Stainless steel is still king and on sale on the appliance aisle, Labor Day through Cyber Monday. Upgrading your counters to granite or quartz, which is more durable and a great way to go.

Also, great bang for your buck. Manufactured materials, like HI-MACS, made by the company LG give your counter an almost identical look at a fraction of the price. Improving that bathroom still goes a long way these days and if that’s out of budget, update your bathroom fixtures, get rid of wallpaper, funky paint colors, and increase your home value by as much as 10%! And with decks and deck supplies on clearance this time of year, real estate agents and contractors alike, all agree this is the ideal home improvement project to tackle right now. And the three least beneficial home improvement projects include remodeling that home office, adding a backup power to your home, or adding a sunroom, where you’re only likely to recoup half your renovation costs.

– It was a really good list, I learned a lot from it. – Do you wanna see now, how this works in real time? – Yeah. – So, my wife and I tackled renovations. I wanna show you the before and afters. Let’s look at the kitchen. The kitchen was a shell, we rebuilt it. The building was 100 years old. It was on the historical registry. It used to be a lawyer’s office, I believe. We rebuilt it and I’m gonna move you into the other room as the before and after on the living room. The before and after on the bedroom, where I sleep alone most of the time.

And the bathrooms, all of which were not only repurposed materials, but we restored what we could. And one of the other interesting things is all of the tile, anything that you see purchased was actually part of a Black Friday sale, the appliances. We made a lot of money on our renovation, just based purely on having done the research beforehand and being patient. Patience pays off! – Wow Matt, I really like looking at the photos of your condo. And I think it’s inspired me for later in life, when I get my own. – When you get to that stage, and if you’re watching right now and you rent, like Casey. Are you in a dorm, or what are you? – Yeah, just a freshman dorm, it’s not the best. – If you’re in a freshman dorm, hopefully because you’re a student, or you rent, or you’re not at that stage yet, this is information that has actually been applicable for most renovations for a long period of time.

The contractors and the people that I interviewed have all been saying the same thing over the years, for the most part. – I’m always looking to improve things and make ’em look better. – So am I! Doesn’t really work with my face, or anything else I bring to the table, but on things I own, yeah we’re doing pretty well. My question to you guys is, are you interested in any type of renovation project for your home? I’m just curious if any of you are tackling things.

I know that many of our subscribers are extremely handy, so I always like hearing from you. And I actually know that a few of our subscribers are involved in construction, both locally and in other markets. – Nice, nice. – Share away! We love having you here! – Thank you all so much for watching. Make sure you subscribe and leave your comments below! – Wanna win an awesome item I test, for free? It’s simple, subscribe, turn your notifications on. On a desktop, it looks like this, once your notifications are turned on for your desktop, or on a mobile platform where it looks like this. If you hear me call your name, you get that item delivered to you, for free. And for those of you that wanna buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box right under the video window. All the links you need are right there!.

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